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A Hapsburg! Did you bring any weird animals?

Post Weird Animal.

@The-Doc said:

A Hapsburg! Did you bring any weird animals?

The Hapsburg's were weird animals :ja:

Like this?upload-35227ac1-09a6-4783-a2a5-4be405bba0d9

Well done! (great)

I've personally always preferred my dinosaurs to look like giant chickens. 😜

@Dedalus said:

Too mainstream.


The manul! There's supposedly one in the Helsinki Zoo, which the wife and I frequently visit. We have seen the manul exactly once; all other times it's nowhere to be seen, and we've been there for dozens of times. It took us a couple of years to catch that one glimpse of it. I'm not still entirely sure they actually have it, rather than just having an empty cage (and maybe they just borrowed the critter from Stockholm or somewhere that one time?).

Pretty sinister looking.

In any case Mr. Soda made his Contribution to the Cause. :ja: