Is this place still active?

I come bearing velociraptors!

alt text

Unfortunately it's almost as dead as those raptors, but maybe some new blood can revive it still...

More alive than punk music. Which is just a little bit better than the Dodo.

Who is Griffin!?

Its alive enough, with maybe 10 people checking in semi regularly

12 views, can't be that bad.
Just clean up the mold.

about as active as the discord when the yanks are asleep or drunk.

So what's keeping us from making this joint just a little better?

Sheer and utter laziness, as always?


I'm good at laziness.

Its a learned skill

Sooo, I had no idea this thing was still around.

said in Is this place still active?:

Sooo, I had no idea this thing was still around.

Says me

IT IS! And you did have an idea, because I just told you!

For dramatic effect I let those events be separate

Now you should go into the main forum and say hello to Mürmü.

I am sure he gets lonely ;(

I am indeed... 😢

Im sometimes here too


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